The World's Most, Least Expensive Passports

The World’s Most, Least Expensive Passports

by Patrick Clarke
on May 9, 2023
Last updated: 11:35 AM ET, Tue May 9, 2023

Australia is the most expensive country in the world when it comes to passport fees in 2023.

Expat insurance provider William Russell recently analyzed the costs of identification and travel documents across the globe to reveal which countries’ documents are the most expensive and cheapest to secure.

At a total cost of $230, Australia’s travel document is by far the most expensive. What’s more, Australia charges the most for a student visa with an average fee of $452.

Australia is followed by Mexico at $170. Switzerland ($140) and Italy ($135) aren’t far behind, narrowly edging out the United States. At a total cost of $130, the U.S. is the fifth-most expensive country when it comes to passport fees. The U.S. also charges the most for a tourist visa at an average fee of $127.

It’s worth pointing out that the country charging the least for a student visa is Mexico, with an average fee of $36.

On the other end of the spectrum, a Czech Republic passport costs just $27, making it the world’s cheapest, according to William Russell’s research. Europe dominates the list of the top five cheapest, with Latvia ($29), Spain ($33), Poland ($35) and Slovakia ($35) rounding out the list of countries with the most affordable travel documents.

Each of the standard aforementioned passports is valid for 10 years. 

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