Todos Santos, a Baja California Peninsula Refuge

Todos Santos, a Baja California Peninsula Refuge

The Magical Town of Todos Santos is located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Although it may seem small, this destination has a lot to offer, from an interesting and exciting history to attractions that seem to be from another world.

The explorer Jaime Bravo was the first to discover this place, which he considered an oasis, where he saw that it was inhabited by nomadic tribes of guaycuras, who took advantage of the water and collected shells from the beach.

Over the years, Todos Santos witnessed many religious and even health events, such as religious disputes, epidemics, foreign invasions, droughts, and even historical moments such as independence or the Mexican Revolution.

However, Todos Santos recovered from those tragedies and was considered a resting place by American writers and painters, who decided to establish their residence there.

What to do in Todos Santos?

Now that you know a little bit of the history of this tremendous Magical Town check out the following list where you will find all the activities to do: Historic Downtown; Hotel California; Las Playitas Turtle Sanctuar; Néstor Agúndez Cultural Center; Los Cerritos Beach; Todos Los Santos Gallery and Nuestra Señora Del Pilar Mission.

Historic Downtown

Nothing is better than walking through the beautiful streets of the Historic Center of Todos Santos since it is considered an oasis in the middle of a desert. This is due to the subway water filtrations. Besides visiting this beautiful area, visit the Plaza de Armas, a pleasant place surrounded by palm and coconut trees.

Hotel California

This property was founded in 1950 by Antonio Wong Tabasco and Trinidad Castillo, which is an icon of construction three years after its construction. It was later rumored that a song named the same way as the hotel, “Hotel California” by the group The Eagles, referred to this same property in Todos Santos or at least was inspired by it. It is said that a real estate agent started the rumor to give more publicity to the Magical Town.

Tortugueros Las Playitas

Something that this Magic Town can also boast is its privilege of being considered an excellent place for the release of the Olive Ridley turtle, which is one of the five species whose habitat is the Pacific Ocean. In addition, this place is focused on the care, protection, and release of the turtle, so you can live this experience and participate in the care and conservation of these beautiful marine beings.

Néstor Agúndez Cultural Center

What makes this place curious is that it bears the name of the most important cultural promoter of this Magical Town, who, during his life, fought for the promotion of culture in his town. Today, the place has several historical pieces, handicrafts, paintings, and much more related to the place’s history and trajectory.

Los Cerritos Beach

Visiting the beach could be present in this destination. Just 20 minutes from the Magical Town of Todos Santos, there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Baja California Sur since mountains surround this place. In addition, it is fantastic to discover the infinity of colors the home has, soft sand, and bright waters. This beach is famous for having a solid swell, which makes it ideal for surfing.

Mission of Nuestra Señora del Pilar

This place belonged to the Jesuits in 1720. It is cataloged as one of the places with more history in the Magical Town. Therefore, it is one of the most visited destinations in Todos Santos. Apart from its history, it is visited for its culture and magnificent architecture. The site wonders the traveler.


Todos Santos Hacienda

This beautiful place offers everything you need for the best vacation in Todos Santos. The outdoor pool, free internet connection, rooms with rustic touches, and air conditioning are among its primary services. A space for two people with an extra large double bed is around $250-300. There is a balcony, minibar, bathtub, coffee maker, garden view, and much more.

Camp Santos

This place is the perfect place to rest with the breeze caressing your face, besides offering incredible mountain views and patios overlooking the beautiful sea.

Each accommodation includes a living area, free wifi connection, and a shared bathroom. It is an ideal place to visit Todos Santos as a backpacker, so take your time in this beautiful place. A double room for two people costs approximately $90-100, which includes a living area, washing machine, hair dryer, closet, and much more.

Restaurants in Todos Santos

La Casita

Opened in 2010 by world-class chef Sergio Rivera, La Casita restaurant has become the perfect place for tourists and locals to dine. Within its menu, it is possible to taste the freshest seafood of the region, a good piece of meat, and even delicious sushi. The approximate cost is $20-25 for an average consumption of food and drinks.

Caffe Todos Santos

This cafe is ideal for enjoying a delicious breakfast or lunch. A lovely rustic decoration can be considered in this place, inviting you to have a delightful cup of coffee with sweet bread. In addition, you can order some Mexican snacks, salads, sandwiches, or pasta to go with it. The average consumption of food and beverages costs $15-20.

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