Tourism Fiji Unveils Refreshed Brand Campaign

Tourism Fiji Unveils Refreshed Brand Campaign

Happiness still comes naturally as far as Fiji is concerned.

Tourism Fiji is rebranding. Sort of.


The group is reshuffling its advertising campaign, but still using the same slogan: “Where Happiness Comes Naturally.”

“With short booking windows becoming the norm, and travelers increasingly booking trips 0-21 days from travel, we wanted to roll out ‘Where Happiness Comes Naturally’ to capture that audience and welcome even more visitors to Fiji in 2023,” said a Tourism Fiji in a release,

As the campaign goes forward, Tourism Fiji has announced it will use five different elements as part of its marketing. They include the natural environment, an authentic adventure experience such as hiking, a community experience, a traditional experience, and food and drink.

The campaign has already rolled out in select US markets.

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