Travel Prices Trending Down Ahead of July 4 Holiday Travel Period

Travel Prices Trending Down Ahead of July 4 Holiday Travel Period

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 12:45 PM ET, Wed June 21, 2023

As Americans prepare to hit the road or take to the skies
during the busy Fourth of July holiday travel period, new data suggests prices
for flights, car rentals and accommodations are down or in line with last year.

According to,
more than 24 million people will depart from airports in the United States from
June 29 to July 5, with airports around the country busiest on the Thursday and
Friday before the holiday weekend.

For the holiday weekend, domestic airfare has dropped more
than $100 or 27 percent since last year to around $300 per round-trip ticket,
with prices now in line with 2019 prices. As for the busiest airports, Atlanta,
Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles top the list for the summer holiday.

“For the best prices on domestic trips, fly on Saturday, July
2 and return Monday, July 4,” Hopper’s Hayley Berg said. “Savvy travelers
departing Saturday July 1 and returning Monday or Tuesday of the holiday
weekend are saving an average of $74 per ticket, or 26 percent off peak airfare

International travelers are staying relatively close for the
holiday, with destinations in Mexico, Canada, and Puerto the most booked on
Hopper. For Americans heading overseas, stays in Europe and Asia are the most
popular, with London, Madrid and Bangkok topping the most booked rankings.

Car rental prices are also down, with totals averaging $47
per day, a 25 percent decline from last year. Travelers are booking six-day
rentals, up from the three-day average last year, likely due to the holiday
falling on a Tuesday.

As for the hotel and resort industry, overnight prices are averaging
$197 per night for the Independence Day holiday period, which is in line with prices
from 2022. Las Vegas, Miami and New York top Hopper’s ranking of most booked
destinations for hotel stays.

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