TRAVELSAVERS Projects Soaring Travel Future Buoyed by Emerging Trends

TRAVELSAVERS Projects Soaring Travel Future Buoyed by Emerging Trends

WHY IT RATES: Travel bookings are soaring as more people prioritize experiences over things.—Patrick Clarke, TravelPulse Senior Editor

As the travel industry approaches a return to pre-pandemic levels, TRAVELSAVERS is forecasting double- and even triple-digit sales growth across its business, especially in
the premium and luxury segments. The network shared the positive projections and the trends fueling this surge at its Owners’ Retreat conference in Montreal April 27-29.

“Travel bookings are up dramatically across the board from last year,” said Chief Sales Officer Kathryn Mazza-Burney. “People are prioritizing spending on experiences instead of things and travel is at the top of the list. Whether it’s an all-inclusive
in Mexico or an African safari, travelers are seizing the day and seeing the world now.” 

Luxury, Sun, FIT Sales Skyrocketing

TRAVELSAVERS advisors are experiencing an increase in premium and luxury sales, with luxury revenue pacing 32% higher than 2022. Expedition cruising is particularly vigorous, with sales up 78% from last year. Antarctica bookings have risen 84% year over

The sun market continues to surge, with double-digit increases this year over and above similarly strong growth in 2022. FIT sales to both Europe and Africa are showing consistent upturns as well. Africa is leading with projections for increases of more
than 90%, followed by Europe. In particular, Paris, Rome and Dublin are highly in demand.

Trending Travel Styles Propel Growth

Travelers are booking longer stays as they combine remote work and travel. Private home rentals for these lengthier trips are growing as well. Growth in family travel is outpacing the market in general, with celebration and multigenerational trips strong.

Close-to-home travel is thriving, including US domestic travel as well as sun destinations such as Mexico and perennial Caribbean favorites including Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. All-inclusives are also showing notable increases.

Strategic Moves Enhance Advisor Offerings, Efficiency

TRAVELSAVERS has added preferred partners to enable advisors to take advantage of these industry developments, including new luxury and adventure cruise suppliers and long-stay accommodation providers. It has also enhanced its Cruise Value Incentive Program
by adding sailing dates offering value-added amenities through 2025.

TRAVELSAVERS’ award-winning marketing programs focus on generating significant numbers of quality leads for advisors through emails, newsletters, publications and social media channels, including new YouTube marketing. Through constant innovations to
the program, the number of leads has been rising. On the print marketing front, due to popular demand, the company has doubled the number of direct mail pieces this year. 

TRAVELSAVERS is also investing in technology enhancements to increase effectiveness and sales. It has upgraded tripXpress, where advisors research, build and book itineraries all from one platform; and OnlineXpress, which enables agencies to create their
own branded website.

“We’re projecting extensive growth over the next three years,” said Chief Marketing Officer Nicole Mazza. “For more than 52 years, our priority has been providing our advisors with the product, marketing and technology they need to shine in the marketplace.
With our new offerings and the strength of our preferred partner portfolio, we’re more than ready to ride this wave of growth.”  

The Owners’ Retreat is an intimate event to facilitate meaningful one-on-one connections between owners and suppliers. More than 170 affiliate owners and managers from the U.S. and Canada, preferred partners and staff attended the Owners’ Retreat to discover
the latest TRAVELSAVERS developments and learn how to better leverage network opportunities for sales, marketing, training and technology.

SOURCE: TRAVELSAVERS press release. 

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