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TSA Working With European Officials on Streamlined Airport Security

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is teaming up with airline industry stakeholders throughout Europe to streamline open architecture airport security systems.

In an effort to facilitate collaboration and share resources, TSA officials met with ACI EUROPE (Airports Council International) and executives from London Heathrow, Avinor and the European Organization for Security (EOS) to set common goals moving forward.


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Open architecture principles will facilitate uniform standards and an agile response to emerging threats, as well as focusing on open data formats, standard interfaces and the establishment of an operationally viable and cyber-secure approach to security systems.

“Technology and innovation within transportation security is evolving at a rapid pace, and open architecture promises to improve how all transportation security agencies share data, integrate emerging technology at speed, remain cyber resilient and advance our mission,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske said.

“We remain committed to innovation and working collaboratively with our partners to increase the security baseline and improve the traveling experience,” Pekoske continued.

TSA has been working with its international partners over the past several months to update the “Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems” document, initially published in July 2020.

TSA and ACI EUROPE are committed to further collaboration to improve the security baseline and strengthen cybersecurity defenses within the extensive global transportation network. ACI EUROPE also partnered with the EOS to establish a structure to develop the necessary technical recommendations and address questions on key areas, including liability and the protection of intellectual property.

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