Two Planes Collide at Boston Airport

Two Planes Collide at Boston Airport

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 1:35 PM ET, Mon June 19, 2023

Officials from Boston Logan International Airport revealed that a United
Airlines plane collided with a parked Delta Air Lines aircraft over the weekend.

According to the New
York Post
, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the incident
occurred at the Boston airport around 7:20 p.m. local time on Friday.

United Flight 369 (a Boeing 737) was taxing to a holding pad
when it clipped the tail of Delta Flight 1657 (an Airbus A321).

There were no injuries reported in the collision, and a
United spokesperson has all impacted passengers “deplaned normally at the gate”
and rebooked on other flights.

Several flights temporarily delayed takeoff, and others were
forced to circle around as airport police and emergency services arrived on the
scene. When the incident occurred, Twitter user Kathleen Dunn was arriving on a
JetBlue flight from San Juan.

Another video was shared by a passenger on the United plane,
Rick Fredrickson.

Both carriers involved in the collision released statements:

“On Friday evening, the winglet of a United aircraft clipped
the tail of another aircraft at Boston Logan International Airport,” a United spokesperson
said. “Customers on the United aircraft deplaned normally at the gate, and we
will rebook them onto other flights.”

“While there are no reported injuries to our customers or
crew on Delta flight 1657, the aircraft came into contact with another aircraft
while awaiting takeoff clearance on the Logan airfield,” a Delta spokesperson
said. “Delta teams are working to get customers to their final destinations
tonight, and we apologize for the delay.”

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