Two TSA Agents Save Pilot’s Life at Virginia Airport

Two TSA Agents Save Pilot’s Life at Virginia Airport

by Rich Thomaselli
on April 25, 2023
Last updated: 9:10 AM ET, Tue April 25, 2023

Agents for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
aren’t there just to look at your airplane ticket or inspect your bag. For some
of them, it’s so much more than that, we have learned.

A pair of TSA agents jumped into action and helped save the
life of a pilot at Richmond International Airport in Virginia, according to
The pilot, who was walking in the concourse, apparently suffered a cardiac
arrest incident.

TSA officer Nigel Allen and lead officer Trenard Collier began
the process, with Allen performing CPR. The two of them cleared the area so
that first responders could have room to work on the pilot.

“Officer Allen’s actions displayed conspicuous initiative,
capability, and above and beyond service to the community he serves,” said TSA
Federal Security Director Robin “Chuck” Burke. “His actions clearly contributed
to saving the pilot’s life.”

“The RIC Airport Police Department and stakeholders at RIC
commended Officer Allen for his quick response in being the first to administer
initial first aid,” Burke continued.

The pilot is reportedly recuperating and his family expressed
deep appreciation for Allen’s help.

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