United Airlines Bans Passenger After Onboard Assault

United Airlines Bans Passenger After Onboard Assault

by Donald Wood
on May 3, 2023
Last updated: 10:05 AM ET, Wed May 3, 2023

An airline passenger was arrested and charged with battery
after an altercation on a United Airlines flight on Sunday.

According to ABC7.com,
the United flight was boarding at San Francisco International Airport for a journey
to Houston when local police officers said that a male passenger became disruptive.

San Francisco law enforcement officials revealed that 47-year-old
Cody Benjamin Lovins of Montgomery, Texas, was arrested, charged with battery and
released from custody after a “physical altercation” on the plane.

WISN12 anchor Diana Gutierrez shared footage of the incident
on Twitter:

A United Airlines spokesperson told ABC News that Lovins allegedly
assaulted a crew member. A witness named Naya Jimenez corroborated the story and
said the verbal altercation turned physical after a flight attendant informed
the man and his wife that they were in the wrong seats.

“They had to bring in a gate attendant to try to talk to
both of them,” Jimenez told ABC7.com.

As a result of the incident, United condemned the man’s
behavior as “unacceptable” and said he would be banned from flying with the
airline. The carrier is also cooperating with law enforcement during the

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