Villas of Distinction to Pay Travel Advisors Upon Deposit, Commissions Up to $5,000

Villas of Distinction to Pay Travel Advisors Upon Deposit, Commissions Up to $5,000

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 1:15 PM ET, Mon May 15, 2023

Villas of Distinction announced that its new travel advisor
bonus commission will be paid upon deposit versus departure and the earnings
have increased to up to $5,000.

Travel advisors who book their clients with Villas of
Distinction through May 31 for travel between now and December 31, 2024, can
earn up to $5,000 in bonus commission paid upon deposit.

With the new offer, Villas of Distinction becomes the only
villa rental company to pay its advisors’ bonus commissions on deposit. In
addition, the brand supports advisors by providing enhanced promotions for clients,
as well as hosting special events, including virtual tours of stunning homes in
their portfolio. 

“Our travel advisor partners are true heroes not only to
their clients but to Villas of Distinction,” vice president Steve Lassman said.
“That is why we’ve enhanced our bonus commission offer.”

“Not only are we providing travel advisors with the ability
to earn more, but they will receive bonus commissions sooner than ever,” Lassman
continued. “This bonus commission is just one way to thank our loyal travel
advisor partners.”

The luxury villa provider also hosts Zoom get-togethers with
travel agencies and their clients to help them acquire new villa guests. It
also continues to increase advisor engagement by providing more educational
knowledge about villas, which allows them successfully sell the product.

For more information about the travel advisor bonus
commission, call 1-800-289-0900.

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