Virgin Voyages’ Sales Executive Explains the New Cruise Experience

Virgin Unveils ‘Now We’re Voyaging’ Ad Campaign

Virgin Voyages is entering the new year with a new ad campaign, Now We’re Voyaging,” which kicks off with “The Voyage” video that capitalizes on the 40th anniversary of one of Virgin Records’ top hits, Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon.”

The “Voyage” video – directed by Jonas Akerlund, who has directed music videos for Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Maroon 5 –features R&B vocalist and songwriter Drew Love and puts the spotlight on Virgin crew and guests (or in Virgin parlance, Sailors) by detailing their experiences.

The video was filmed on Virgin’s first ship, Scarlet Lady.

“We have won the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of Sailors who have fallen in love with Virgin Voyages because we created an experience everybody could love,” said Virgin Voyages Chief Brand Officer Nathan Rosenberg.

“As we continue to showcase our ships to the world, we wanted to share what it’s like on board based on what our Sailors have told us and shared on social. It features real crew and is a celebration of travel and voyaging.”

The new campaign follows in the footsteps of Virgin Voyages’ 2018 “Stray the Course” campaign and the 2021 “Set Sail the Virgin Way” campaign.

“We believe that brands should create culture rather than interrupting it,” said Jason Xenopoulos, VMLY&R’s co-chief creative officer for North America, adding that “The Voyage” serves “as an example of how music and entertainment can be used to tell a brand story while delivering an authentic entertainment experience to the audience.”

Virgin Voyages deserves more than an ad campaign, and we are delighted that we could create an entertainment experience instead – one that will live in culture where this brand belongs.”

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