Virgin Voyages Celebrates Grand Opening of New Terminal V

Virgin Voyages Updates Health Guidelines

Virgin Voyages, the upstart cruise line started by Sir Richard Branson, has joined dozens of other cruise lines and travel outlets to update its health and safety protocols.

Virgin announced this week that sailings on its two ships are open to all would-be cruisers.


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“In keeping in line with the rest of the travel industry, we’ve updated our guidelines to make all voyages open to everyone — including sailors who are unvaccinated,” Virgin Voyages said in a statement.

The new guidelines go into effect on Sunday, September 18, for the Virgin ship Valiant, and Wednesday, September 21, aboard the Virgin Scarlet Lady.

“From extensive cleaning measures to a first-to-sea, high-tech air filtration system, the health and safety of our Sailors and Crew remains our top priority,” Virgin said.

Cruise lines, which were hampered by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for nearly two years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, have been amending their policies and protocols for months now as virus transmissions have waned.

Virgin’s new changes include:

-All Sailors (no matter their vaccination status) are welcome on board

-Unvaccinated sailors are required to bring a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72-hours, or take one at the terminal for a fee of $30 on their embarkation date

-Virgin is still requiring that all Crew be fully vaccinated

“Your well-being will always be our first priority and we’ll keep you updated on any changes that may come through,” the cruise line said.

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