Transportation Secretary Says Federal No-Fly List Is an Option

Why Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Is Facing Scrutiny

Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is under fire for his handling – or lack thereof – of consecutive aviation disasters.

First was the Christmas break disaster when thousands of flights were delayed or canceled.


Then a week later came the Federal Aviation Administration computer glitch that grounded thousands of flights for several hours across the nation.

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While none of it was Buttigieg’a fault – he doesn’t control the weather, nor is he at the helm of the FAA computer – he is a prominent member of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet.

And he has come under criticism for his inexperience with the position. He has also been under fire for his lack of retribution with the airlines.

So far, Buttigieg has threatened domestic carriers but rarely follows through with any substantial monetary fine or penalty.

And according to a report in the New York Times, Buttigieg is starting to hear more from his detractors than supporters.

“Unfortunately, the Department of Transportation has been hesitant to hold the airlines accountable,” said John Breyault, the vice president for public policy at the National Consumers League. “While Secretary Buttigieg has talked a tough talk, particularly over the past few months, we have yet to see that really translate into action.”

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