Windstar and James Beard Foundation Extend Partnership

Windstar and James Beard Foundation Extend Partnership

Windstar Cruises, the small ship cruise line, has extended its partnership with the James Beard Foundation to provide incredible culinary experiences aboard all its ships as the nonprofit’s official cruise line.

Over the last five years, the two have partnered to provide talented chefs on board its ships, who provide guests with themed cruises, great recipes, and more as part of the cruise line’s culinary program, which prides itself on providing local immersion through its food onboard.


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This new extension will last until 2025, with three themed cruises planned for each year beginning in 2022, hosted by a James Beard Foundation-affiliated chef. Each themed cruise will also feature chef demonstrations, a special four-course dinner and other unique recipes to try throughout the itinerary.

The James Beard Foundation is a nonprofit that aims to promote America’s food culture and promote good food centered around talent, equity and sustainability.

“The long-term partnership is a result of past successes of the unique travel-culinary program, which hand-picks acclaimed culinary experts to share their knowledge of cuisines of the world with travelers, and showcases exclusive recipes on sailings across Windstar’s fleet of six elegant yachts,” further explains Windstar President Christopher Prelog.

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