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Windstar Cruises Eliminates Pre-Cruise COVID-19 Tests

Windstar Cruises is the latest cruise line to amend its COVID-19 protocols for cruisers, no longer requiring a negative pre-cruise COVID-19 test result for guests embarking on cruises beginning September 6, 2022.

The rule is in effect for all sailings, except for itineraries that visit a selection of countries that currently require testing measures for all cruise passengers. These currently include Canada, Greece, Australia and New Zealand and are subject to change.


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Travelers aboard a Windstar cruise itinerary are required to also provide proof of full vaccination prior to embarkation; this is the same for the crewmembers. Unvaccinated individuals are not allowed to cruise with Windstar Cruises at this time.

“Safety and wellness are our first concern, and these new procedures will simplify the process of sailing with us on a fully vaccinated ship,” said Chris Prelog, President of Windstar Cruises.

Many of the major cruise lines and river cruise lines have already made adjustments to their COVID-19 testing and vaccination protocols, with varying degrees of adjustment.

Larger cruise lines, like Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line, are now allowing unvaccinated travelers onboard, provided they test negative prior to boarding. Others remain more cautious, putting capacity limits on the number of unvaccinated allowed on board.

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