Windstar Cruises to Eliminate COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

Windstar Cruises to Eliminate COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

On June 1, 2023, Windstar Cruises will eliminate its COVID-19 vaccine requirement for guests but will keep it in place for crew.

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“We’ve invested in and improved our health and safety processes, including upgrading the HVAC systems on all of our ships, which has led to a cleaner and safer environment on board,” said Windstar Cruises President Christopher Prelog. “When combined with the widespread availability of vaccines and medical treatments, the risk factors are considerably lower now, giving us the confidence to lift the requirement.

“We’ve learned much over the past few years and will continue to follow the policies of each country we visit, as well as evaluate and use public health tools at our disposal to continue to safely sail and travel the world.”

The line – which made a significant investment in upgrading the fleet’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to include high-tech air filtration with HEPA filters and UV-C irradiation throughout its fleet of six vessels – will continue to provide guests with onboard tests.

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