World-Class Hunting and Fishing Await in Tamaulipas, Mexico

World-Class Hunting and Fishing Await in Tamaulipas, Mexico

The Mexican state of Tamaulipas’ magnificent climate and geographical location make it an ideal territory for national and foreign tourists who like to practice hunting and sport fishing.

Tamaulipas has a great diversity of species of hunting interest found in its territory and a wide variety of specialized ranches that make it the best option for hunters looking for excellent trophies in hair and feathers.

The destination is a leader in hunting tourism. In this territory, it is possible to obtain magnificent specimens in hair and feathers, among which the white-tailed deer and the white-winged dove stand out. For this purpose, more than 700 active hunting ranches provide service and advice and organize magnificent tournaments throughout the year.

For example, before the pandemic, in 2018, the Hunting and Sport Fishing Commission scheduled two large white-tailed deer hunting tournaments, which took place in the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Guerrero, Mier, and Miguel Alemán.

The diversity of species in the state includes many birds, among them the white-winged dove, which has the largest colony in America. About 15 million birds breed in the municipality of Abasolo and the state’s center.

Other species are the common quail and scaly quail, the collared dove, and the collared pigeon. Not to mention ducks and teals, with 13 different species, every winter, more than 5 million birds spend this season in the state. Finally, giant geese can observe three other subspecies arriving in the territory in winter.

Among the most sought-after species of fur is the white-tailed deer. There are three subspecies of white-tailed deer in the state, the Texan, registering measurements of more than 200 inches in the Boone and Crockett (the most popular measurement system in hunting), the cradle of the Texan deer is found in the north of the state in the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Guerrero, Mier and Miguel Aleman with more than 700 ranches to hunt. Other subspecies are the miquihuanensis and the veraecrusis.

In Tamaulipas, the population of the collared peccary has grown in numbers never seen before, which is why it is the most extended hunting season of all the species having a duration of seven months a year.

Fishing, a Rich Activity

Tamaulipas has abundant natural wealth in its 432 kilometers of coastline, dams, rivers, and freshwater lagoons, which privilege the practice of sport fishing. The state has fishing stadiums distinguished by their crystalline waters, where different events are developed with magnificent prize pools. Among the saltwater fishing tournaments, the most outstanding are the Marlin Fishing Tournament and the International Tarpon Tournament.

Freshwater Fishing

Falcon International Dam

On the Rio Grande River within the municipalities of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero and the counties of Zapata and Starr in Texas, taking highway No.2 that communicates Nuevo Laredo with Nueva Ciudad Guerrero and Cd. Mier is located at this dam that, besides being used for flood control, is an excellent option for sport fishing, being able to fish here species such as bass, catfish, tilapia, and mojarra.

Las Blancas Dam

This dam is located in the municipality of Cd. Mier, on the Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo Highway, fishermen can find different species. During the year, various essential tournaments are held here.

Marte R. Gomez Dam

Located in the northeast of the state, 210 km from Monterrey on the Miguel Aleman highway, this dam, also called “Sugar Lake,” is considered the most crucial fishing resource in the municipality of Camargo, occupying 50% of its surface. Its waters have several species, including snook, mojarra, carp, catfish, catan, and shrimp.

Vicente Guerrero Dam

Located in the municipalities of Padilla and Villa de Casas, on highway 110 Cd. Victoria-Matamoros, this dam is considered one of the most important in the country for sport fishing, being a paradise for fishermen who have managed to catch large specimens of bass.

Emilio Portes Gil Dam

It is located in the municipality of Xicoténcatl, on Highway 85 Mante-Cd. Victoria is another excellent option for bass fishing, with fishing grounds on its banks that provide everything necessary for your stay.

Pedro J. Mendez Dam

It is located in the municipality of Hidalgo, about 87 kilometers north of Cd. Victoria. If you travel on the Cd. Victoria Monterrey highway, after 77 km, you will arrive at the town of Tomaseño, where take the detour to Cd. Hidalgo, at km. 12, you will see the entrance to the dam, which you will reach by a 600-meter road.

Ramiro Caballero Student Dam

On Highway 80, a few minutes from Magiscatzin Bridge, this dam corresponds to the Gonzalez municipality, which is very suitable for bass fishing.

Lavaderos Dam

This dam, located on Highway 180 Tampico-Soto la Marina, passing the República Española Dam, despite being small, allows catching largemouth bass.

República Española Dam

Located at kilometer 78 of federal highway 180 Tampico-Matamoros via Soto la Marina, this dam belongs to the municipality of Aldama. Also called El Sombrerito is a beautiful place with abundant aquatic vegetation where you can catch good-sized largemouth bass.

Saltwater Fishing

Sport fishing in salt water is prevalent on beaches, river mouths, the mother lagoon, and offshore. The places where it is most practiced in the state are Bagdad, El Mezquital beaches in Matamoros, La Pesca and Tepehuajes towns in Soto la Marina, Barra del Tordo in Aldama, and beaches in Altamira and Cd. Madero, as well as the mouth of the Pánuco River in the metropolitan area in the south of the state, where you can catch fish such as corvina, jacks, wahoo, wahoo, wahoo, wahoo, skipjack, colossal tarpon, and blue marlin.

Among the most outstanding international saltwater fishing tournaments are the Marlin Fishing Tournament, organized by the Tampico Yacht Club, and the International Tarpon Fishing Tournament, organized by the Regatas Corona Club.

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