Wyndham Signs 100 Hotels for New Project ECHO Extended-Stay Brand

Wyndham Signs 100 Hotels for New Project ECHO Extended-Stay Brand

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has signed 100 hotels in the United States for its new extended-stay brand, which is currently named “Project ECHO,” featuring completely new properties.

Recent signings include Holladay Properties, which has agreed to build twenty-five of the new hotels across the Midwest and in Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee.


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Gold Coast Premier Properties have also agreed to build ten hotels, in locations across New Jersey and southern Florida.

The first Project ECHO hotel is being constructed in Plano, Texas. The brand’s first hotel openings are expected in 2023.

The prototype of the hotel features 124 rooms across 50,000 square feet. Rooms consist of single or two-queen studio suites with kitchenettes. The hotel will also feature a lobby, fitness center and laundry room.

“An all new-construction, extended-stay brand developed with leading hotel developers hits the sweet spot with a design aimed to lower costs-to-build and operate, while still capturing the demand for long-term stays. This brand has become Wyndham’s fastest growing in the pipeline already accomplishing our goal of 100 signed by year-end and we expect to continue adding to that total,” said Chip Ohlsson, executive vice president and chief development officer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

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