Wyndham to Introduce Instant Multi-Room Booking Solution

Wyndham to Introduce Instant Multi-Room Booking Solution

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts announced a new agreement with Groups360 to bring instant online multi-room bookings to the company’s properties in 2023.

Powered by GroupSync, Wyndham hotels will integrate the platform into their reservation systems, providing travel planners—from groups and events to those managing infrastructure, logistics and corporate accounts—the ability to view the best available rates and availability and instantly book rooms online.


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Hotel companies like Wyndham publish live inventory and rates within the GroupSync Marketplace and save travel planners valuable time by allowing them to search, shop and book blocks of rooms.

“Over the last three years, Wyndham has invested over $100 million in major technology initiatives, giving our franchisees access to best-in-class offerings that unlock new efficiencies while helping to grow their bottom line,” Wyndham chief marketing officer Lisa Checchio said.

“Bringing franchisees access to GroupSync is just the latest example and one we believe offers incredible opportunity for franchisees, particularly those in the economy segment, where such technology is an industry first,” Checchio continued.

Planners can already book guest rooms and meeting spaces using Wyndham’s global properties via GroupSync’s Smart RFP and group guest rooms are expected to start being available in GroupSync for instant, online booking later this year.

All are a part of Wyndham’s innovative Wyndham Business program, which through a suite of tools and resources, aims to simplify business travel bookings.

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